Welcome To The Residency Malta Agency

Residency Malta serves as the Government agency responsible for managing the highly sought-after Malta Permanent Residence Programme. Meticulously crafted in close collaboration with a wide array of stakeholders, we firmly believe that the distinguishing features of the MPRP give significant value to beneficiaries. Our programme operates under a rigorous four-tier due diligence process, ensuring that only fit-and-proper individuals and families obtain Maltese permanent residency.

In addition to the MPRP, our comprehensive website offers you the opportunity to explore other remarkable offerings, including the Nomad Residence Permit and the Malta Startup Residence Programme. These programmes cater to the diverse needs of individuals seeking new alternative residency solutions, aligning with Malta’s vision of fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, and attracting skills and international talent. The income generated by our programmes is directed to the Government’s Consolidated Fund, to the benefit of Maltese citizens.

At Residency Malta, we are committed to providing exceptional service and seamless migratory pathways. We invite you to navigate through our website and discover the myriad opportunities that await you and your family – starting new chapters, creating new possibilites.


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