The geo-political instability across the world is spurring an ever-increasing number of individuals to search beyond their nation’s borders in order to seek better opportunities for themselves and their families. They not only seek safety and stability for themselves, their spouses and dependants. They look for educational opportunities, a healthier lifestyle, greater mobility, as well as for a chance to do business that ensures their family’s wealth in the long term.

Malta and Gozo lie strategically in the middle of the Mediterranean. A small island state with a democratic and stable government, a robust economy, an eco-system of business opportunities, hospitable people and an all-year-round mild climate, makes it the perfect place for families of to live in.

Through the Malta Residence and Visa Programme, beneficiaries obtain residency in Malta, with Visa-free travel across the Schengen zone.

Additionally, beneficiaries:

  • are eligible to apply for long-term residency, in line with additional requirements laid out in the Immigration Act;
  • have the option to redeem their qualifying investment after five years;
  • have a residence card that supports employment opportunities;
  • enjoy unique business opportunities and grants for prospective investors;
  • have access to a Programme that allows four generations of families to apply;
  • can penetrate Malta’s affordable real estate market;
  • pay a competitive, low application fee, when compared to other European residency programmes.